Overview Overview

Confederation Start-Up Visa Program


The Start-Up Visa Program grants Canadian Permanent Residence to qualified immigrant entrepreneurs. The program aims to recruit innovative entrepreneurs and link them with Canadian-government approved Designated Organizations (Business Incubators, Angel Investor Groups, and Venture Capital Funds), and facilitate the establishment of their start-up business in Canada.  Confederation promotes the Angel Investor and Venture Capital streams of the SUV, and will develop a business concept for applicants to start a business in Canada. 


Why Choose Canada?

  1. G7 and NAFTA member.
  2. Unspoiled environment with environmental controls.
  3. World-class public health care system (one of the best in the world).
  4. Excellent education system (one of the most respected in the world).
  5. Cultural, ethnic and religious tolerance entrenched in the Constitution.
  6. One of the safest countries to live in, offering a high quality of life.
  7. One of the most valued passports for international travel (visa free travel to over 180 countries, including the USA and EU).
  8. Spouse and dependents are included in the application.
  9. Dual citizenship permitted.
Benefits Benefits


Benefits of the CSUV include:

  1. Fast 24-hour initial client screening by Confederation.
  2. Applicant qualifications are simple and straight-forward.
  3. Applicant and dependents receive Canadian Permanent Residence.
  4. Small initial payment, with the balance due upon Letter of Support issuance.
  5. Fast processing, with Letter of Support issued within 1-2 months.
  6. Fast federal processing is expected (within approx. 18 months).
  7. Angel Investor and Venture Capital investor groups are logical, complimentary, and cohesive.
  8. Solo Angel Investor stream allows the applicant to form a group of one (no other group members).
  9. Applicant will be a min. 10% shareholder (usually 15-20%) in a company that has strong growth potential.
  10. Unique, practical, and innovative business concepts.
  11. Confederation will help to develop the applicant's business with websites, logos, and other corporate materials.
  12. Confederation will prepare a comprehensive submission letter to accompany the federal file.
  13. Confederation will monitor the processing of all clients' IRCC applications.  A high IRCC success rate is expected.
Qualifications Qualifications


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have basic proficiency in English or French (CLB 5 or greater).
  2. Incorporate a company and intend to develop a business concept or idea in conjunction with the Designated Organization.
  3. Have minimum $500,000 in Net Worth (principal applicant's and spouse’s assets combined).
  4. Be minimum age of 20, and maximum age 65 years (Angel Investor), or 70 years (Venture Capital).
  5. Business ownership or management experience is an asset, but not required.
  6. 2+ years of post-secondary education is an asset, but not required.
  7. Actively manage the start-up company from within Canada.
Process Process


Prepare application

Interview and approval

3 months

PR application

Receive PR

18 months
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