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Since 1989.

Confederation Partners is a pioneer and long-time specialist in business immigration and citizenship by investment programs. Since 1989, Confederation has assisted over 3,600 families to immigrate and settle in Canada, the USA, and other countries.  These families have directly invested over $655 million in a wide variety of businesses, infrastructure, and other programs.

Represented by an experienced group of professionals, Confederation is committed to confidential service, integrity, and trust.  Its unique and innovative investment products and immigration programs, along with its network of over 1400 partners in 45 countries worldwide, provide unequalled responsiveness to clients’ needs.

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council

The Carter Center

Stephen Lockyer has completed two 3-year appointments on the Board of Councillors for the Carter Center.


CAPIC – Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants

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