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Visa-Free Travel

Note: Visas for the United States may be easily obtained upon application.

CountryLength of StaySpecial Notes
Albania3 months
Andorra3 months
Anguilla3 months
Antigua & Barbuda6 months
Argentina3 months(tourist purposes only)
Armenia4 months
Aruba1 month
Austria3 months
Bahamas3 months
Bangladesh3 months
Belgium3 month
Bolivia3 months
Bonaire1 month
Bosnia & Herzegovina3 months
Botswana3 months
Brazil3 months
British Virgin Islands
Bulgaria3 months
Cambodia1 month
Cape Verde(not available at all entry points)
Cayman Islands (tourist purposes only)
Chile3 months
Colombia6 months(tourist purposes only)
Comoros45 days
Costa Rica1 month
Croatia3 months
Cuba1 month
Curacao1 month
Cyprus3 months(tourist purposes only)
Czech Republic3 months(within a 6 month period)
Denmark3 months(within a 6 month period)
Dijbouti(not available at all entry points)
Dominican Republic(tourist card issued on arrival)
Ecuador3 months
Egypt1 month
El Salvador3 months
Estonia3 months
Faroe Islands3 months
Fiji4 months
Finland3 months(within a 6 month period)
France3 months
French Guiana3 months
French Polynesia3 months
French Southern and Antarctic Lands3 months
Gambia3 months
Germany3 months(within a 6 month period)
Greece3 months(tourist purposes only)
Greenland3 months
Grenada & the Grenadines
Guadaloupe3 months
Guatemala3 months
Guinea-Bissau3 months
Haiti3 months
Holy See (Vatican City)3months
Honduras3 months(business or tourist purposes)
Hong Kong3 months
Hungary3 months
Iceland3 months
Indonesia1 month
Iran1 month
Ireland3 months
Israel3 months
Italy3 months
Jordan(not available at all entry points)
Kenya3 months
Kiribati3 months
Kosovo3 months
Laos1 month(not available at all entry points)
Latvia3 months(within a 6 month period)
Lesotho3 months
Liechtenstein3 months
Lithuania3 months
Luxemborg3 months
Macedonia (former) 3 months
Madagascar3 months
Malawi3 months
Malaysia1 month
Maldives1 month
Malta3 months
Martinique3 months
Mauritania(available at international airport)
Micronesia1 month(tourist purposes only)
Monaco3 months
Montenegro3 months
Mozambique1 month
Nepal3 months(not available at all entry points)
Netherlands3 months(within a 6 month period)
New Caledonia3 months
Nicaragua3 months
Niue1 month
Norway3 months(within a 6 month period)
Palau1 month
Panama6 months(tourist card possible)
Peru183 days(tourist purposes only)
Philippines1 month
Pitcairn Islands14 days
Poland3 months
Portugal3 months
Reunion3 months
Romania3 months
Russia3 months
Sabo1 month
Samoa2 months
San Marino3 months
Senegal3 months
Seychelles3 months
Sierra Leone3 months
Singapore1 month(extension possible)
Slovak Republic3 months
Slovenia3 months
Solomon Islands3 months
Somalia1 month
South Korea3 months(business or tourist purposes)
Spain3 months(within a 6 month period)
St. Bart's3 months
St. Eustatius1 month
St. Helena3 months
St. Lucia
St. Maarten1 month
St. Martin3 months
St. Pierre & Miquelon3 months
St. Vincent & the Grenadines6 months
Sweden3 months
Switzerland3 months
Taiwan1 month(online visa application)
Timor-Leste1 month(not available at all entry points)
Togo7 days
Tonga31 days
Trinidad & Tobago
Tunisia3 months
Turkey3 months
Turks & Caicos1 month
Tuvalu1 month
Uganda(may apply online)
Ukraine3 months
United Kingdom6 months
Vanuatu1 month
Venezuela3 months(tourist purposes only)
Wallis & Futuna3 months
Zambia3 months
Zimbabwe3 months(extension possible)